Benjamin Francks

Benjamin Francks was born on 30 th November 1992 in Stourbridge and was raised in Halesowen, a small town in the borough of Dudley, where he spent the majority of his life before moving to Cradley heath in 2021.

Benjamin went to both primary and secondary schools in Halesowen, before attending college in Stourbridge studying Public Services in 2009. He later spent several years finding work where he could in a factory in Tamworth and various warehouse jobs in Birmingham, before launching a career in the NHS as a Paramedic- based in Dudley for West midlands Ambulance service NHS trust in 2016 at the age of 24.

Although engulfed in his career in the NHS Benjamin started writing as a hobby two years earlier in 2014 whilst on holiday in Wales- with a small notebook and pen. It was here he penned his first thoughts for novels and short stories and caried on this desire to write throughout his studies and full-time job.

However, whilst putting his young daughter to bed after reading her stories a desire to write children stories began. It was on the banks of the canal in Cradley Heath, walking to find a peaceful spot where his latest story collection was born- Tales from the riverbank. A collection of short stories joined in a broader setting, each character designed to tell a tale of trial and virtue being found in unlikely creatures.

To this day Benjamin continues to work full time, whilst expanding his writing in the children’s genre, as each project is finished another begins.